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Products - Modules

Products - Modules

Sales Control

Sales Control
  • Multi-level approval workflows and transaction authorities
  • Various reports on sales status, gross profits, outstandings, sales performances, sales records, matching and comparison reports...
  • Supports predefined unit prices, unit prices calculated from Cost Sheets, and support for CIF and FOB additional charges
  • Supports transactions among inter-companies
  • Supports Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)

Purchase Control

Purchase Control
  • Multi-level approval workflows
  • Various reports on purchase status, outstandings, purchase records, matching and comparison reports...
  • Supports predefined unit costs or calculated costs
  • Supports transactions among inter-companies with configurable sales profit margins
  • Supports Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)

Inventory Control

Inventory Control
  • Supports Master Definitions for defining coding schemes to generate Item codes
  • Supports Lot Management
  • Supports Multi-warehouses and locations, including production lines, sub-contractors, IQC, wastages and reserves
  • Supports Item conversions and price conversions
  • Supports Analysis Codes for advanced item and stock report analysis
  • Various reports on item status, outstandings, evaluations, movements and non-movements, pricing, lot movements, packages, gross profits, etc...
  • Supports various costing methods for integration with Accounting modules

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable
  • Quick enquiry functions for checking customer statuses
  • Various reports on customer ledger, aging, outstanding, advanced payments, salesman performances and commissions, credit utilizations and cash-in projections
  • Supports multiple customer consolidation for operations and statements
  • Provides automatic and manual posting to General Ledger system

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable
  • Quick enquiry functions for checking vendor statuses
  • Various reports on vendor ledger, aging, outstanding, advanced payments, credit utilizations and cash-out projections
  • Supports multiple vendor consolidation for operations
  • Provides automatic and manual posting to General Ledger module

General Ledger

General Ledger
  • Supports Account Budgeting, standard financial reports, bank reconciliations...
  • Supports Profit Centres, for departmental financial analysis
  • Supports Job-oriented (project-oriented) financial reports such as job transaction, job gross profit, job profit and loss...
  • Supports Financial Analysis Codes for advanced accounting report analysis
  • Provides various ways of creating routine vouchers, such as template-based and recurrence-based
  • Built-in Report Maker for creating professional financial reports

Manufacturing Control

Manufacturing Control
  • Supports integration with Payroll module to calculate Manufacturing Wages
  • Supports moulding, injection, spray paint work, plating... for cost calculations
  • Supports mould parameters, plating hanger parameters and machine matching
  • Supports Sample productions
  • Visual reports for analysing production capacity, over-time, etc... for Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Capacity Resources Planning (CRP)
  • Supports sales forecasting and job order forecasting
  • Handles make-to-order (MTO) and make-to-stock (MTS) productions
  • Generates Forecast and Actual Job Orders via Master Production Schedule (MPS) from defined BOM, Routing and/or Production Models
  • Includes Consolidated Material Issue, Wastage Control, Material Return, Material Compensation and Job Order Running Change
  • Job Order Reports on status, progress, schedules, and material usage comparisons
  • Daily Performance Reports, Reserved Location Status Reports, and Product / Material Lot Management Reports
  • Costing Reports for BOM, Production Models, Samples, Job Orders, Work Orders...

Personnel Payroll Control

Personnel Payroll Control
  • Supports integration with Manufacturing Control module to calculate Manufacturing Wages
  • Supports integration with General Ledger module for accounting purposes
  • Supports employee management including personal records, quarter, education, skills, MPF...
  • Supports attendance management, such as employee shifting time tables and holiday definitions
  • Supports payroll management including user-defined salary formulas, fixed rates, piece rates, time rates, bonuses, etc
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